Went to this fantastic place last weekend – Shaheen Bagh. Its a resort about 10 kms off Dehradun…! Beautifully done…quite majestic…and decently affordable. Rooms are available starting 4,500 (all meals included).

If at all you go…make sure you pick up the poolside room. Its somehow the cheapest but the best in terms of location.
For families, pick up the suite in the other cottage. Charges only 5,000 and can accomodate 4 people.

Lovely place to spend 2N/3D..maybe even more if your schedule permits! We spent only a night there…and felt it was a trifle too short…moreso given the drive to the place which can easily stretch to 6.5 hrs from Delhi in peak hours…!

Check out the place..

Shaheen Bagh Apr 08

and do go there…