A daily wage worker’s two sons have made it to IIT.  He doesn’t have 1lakh to spare for their admission.

An unemployed guy’s mother is dying. And he doesn’t have enough for her medicines.

A middle class topper from a small town can’t speak in English.

A beggar stares at the window pane, as the kid in the car licks the ice cream off the cone.

What will they trade their life for?
Lower costs and subsidies
Or higher income?

Socialism isn’t about equality. It whole premise is inequality. It’s a misplaced sense of self righteousness. 

As an entrepreneur you will always have two ways of building an organization.

Lower the costs
Make it easy for the have nots
Incentivize people based on where they come from
Put in elaborate performance development plans for the weak ones
Only train when you are losing


Raise the income
Even the haves will find it hard
Incentivize people based on what they do
Put in elaborate performance enhancement plans for everyone
Train when you are at the peak

The salary of your top performer should be higher than you
And publicly known
More so to the worst performer