Geniuses dont do different things…they just do things differently!

Imtiaz Ali, in that manner, will classify as a genius. A story that has been beaten to death in Indian Cinema…and yet this dude decides to pick it up…and handle in possibly the most simplistic and elegant manner. Juxtapose it against what we always hear from our parents – humaare zamaane mein aisa hota tha…!

Love Aaj Kal

Then – Boy sees girl…decides to marry her. This birth…and all others that shall follow. He wins her heart…fights the word…and eventually makes her his! This is when he has never they have never exchanged words…when they have not spent time together. Its all driven by the concept of love!

Now – Boy and girl meet…move in together…sleep around…have an awesome life…booze…parties…work…the works! And then the fear of a long distance relationship looms large on them. So they simply decide to break up! This is when they have spent 2 years together…are possibly best friends with the other person…and love each other a lot! Its all driven by the concept of practicality!

Imitiaz proposes that while the foundation of Now & Then are different…whats identical is how love remains the same through the ages. And he couldnt he more correct!

Jai (Saif) and Meera (Deepika) are a happy couple…and (like all other modern couples) are practical. So, while they have had an awesome 2 years together, they decide to call off their relationship when Meera decides to move back to India (from London). The sequence when Saif suggests that they should is one of the moments that make the movie memorable!


They continue to be in touch…continue to share their lives…their inhibitions…and underneath their fears of finding someone else soon. They eventually do…

All this while Veer Singh (Rishi Kapoor in a fantastic performance again), a friend of Jai, narrates a parallel story of Harleen Kaur (who is this stunning girl!) and his. Which ofcourse Jai finds straight out of mythology! He cant believe the shit young Veer (played by Saif in a surdy role!) went through to be with Harleen…!

Saif realizes his love for Meera…goes down to India to meet Meera…and on the day of her wedding (to Rahul Khanna who is kind of wasted in the movie) proposes to her in possibly the best manner ever seen in Indian cinema! But too late. Meera marries…

What follows…is a beautiful rendition of love…in Imtiaz’s language. The scene towards the end when Meera breaks down as she is approached by Jai after a long wait…is emotions at its best. One can easily identify with the character and the sense of relief she experiences.

The best moment for me during the movie is the transformation of Jai within just one song…! A story that others will make an entire movie on…Imtiaz handles it in 5 minutes with absolute perfection! Brilliant.

I think the risk of playing Saif as young Jai plays off well…even though it might leave some pop corn crunching audiences confused…so focus on the movie.

The music grows on you…! Pritam (atleast as of this morning, though am sure that 102.6 FM will soon figure out) has not been inspired by anyone…and the songs are rather nice. Dooriyaan is the best!

and hey…I think Deepika can act. I think…maybe…just maybe…i am beginning to like her! And saif…while he has streaks of Hum Tum…is adorable and simply the best for this role…(though i am always left with the feeling that Aamir will do more justice…in almost any movie i watch..except for the ones in which SRK plays the lead actress..err…actor!)

Love Aaj Kal is a must watch…! Go today…


EDIT: This has got to be the biggest surprise of the movie!!