There are a lot of conspiracy theories on how apple might be purposely playing with the software of existing iPhones, when a new one launches

Reports of phones slowing down, sudden problems – are all well documented.

Of course never proven to be true.

Here is a conspiracy theory that goes beyond

My current iPhone has slipped off my hands numerous times. Never to ever crack!

Day before, it slipped again.

And shattered into pieces

No small crack

Complete annihilation!

Is it possible, that Apple is controlling the properties of hardware, through software?

That it can influence how glass behaves, how headphones work, how the volume button operates – all through software?

That would be a superpower

Because if it can’t be used for evil, it ain’t a superpower

And then I extended it to my favorite hardware device


We do this all the time

Our words can influence change. Not just emotional. Even physical.

Our words can make people sweat, make people run, make people sleep, give them goosebumps.

Our visuals can do the same.

We all have a superpower

That of being able to influence

Do we realize

Do we use it for good