Some good news after a long time. We have made it to the top 24 teams (all over the world!!!) in the IIM-A business plan competition. By November 5th, the main B-plan needs to be submitted follwing which the top 6 teams shall be invited to ahmedabad to present their case. Of these 6, the top 3 will then get a week long visit to Mumbai, wherein they shall be meeting with top industrial houses etc etc (basically get a feel of Mumbai from a business point of view) and then spend a day with Mukesh Ambani discussing the plan, after which he shall name the top team.

Sounds pretty exciting…? It’s the same for us too…!

However, to be true to myself…my role in this shortlist is probably running into negative. I didn’t work at all from delhi…and whatever was presented was primarily the work of the remaining trio. I do hope I am able to contribute at a much higher level from now on…saala free rider…!

Thankfully life after Sunday has chilled down a bit. The fixed income class is turning out to be super amazing…really awesome prof and the manner he deals with the subject is quite impressive. Makes us wonder why the hell we even took the options/futures class. That is one hell of a ‘bullet train with missing magnets’ class…if you know what I mean…!

What else…? Oh yah…this Sunday when I was at my ‘stressed out best’…I realized why I was so. Because I hadn’t listened to god damn music for generations…! I remember when the US used to take a toll on me…I used to simply switch off the lights and listen to cheap ass britney spears and backstreet boys (and occasionally yanni and pearl jam..!). I don’t know how it works…but it just does…

I mean for god sake…hear this out…

“you are…my fire…my one…desireeee…believe when I say…I want it that way…”

Who is his right frame of mind would get mentally counseled by such stuff…! I mean who…!! But it works for me…maybe I am ashamed of it…but it works…and I don’t care beyond that…! its funny…!

Anyone seen the new hutch chota recharge ads…I love them…that guy is too cool…!

Anyways…I shall get back to my music and life…see you soon…