this post goes out to the following target audience…

people who:

  1. love photography
  2. wud appreciate a photographer par excellance
  3. wudnt mind the photographer to be an extremely hot 28 yr old gal
  4. wudnt be turned off by the fact that she has 2 kids…and a bf
  5. wud go to all the first link below and spend atleast an hour on it…
  6. wudnt think that i have a huge crush on her…


i rarely visit my flickr account. its usually only to upload snaps and the weekly check for any comments…which surprisingly have experienced a huge jump in number lately…!

so this afternoon..close to when i was almost done with all work for the day…i opened my account…and saw Rebecca’s latest snap


this is precisely the time you click on the link below…

  1. she is the undisputed goddess of flickr
  2. simply the best self portraits i have seen (
  3. possible the best use of long exposure techniques (
  4. she has mastered the art of multiplicity…something that i am fascinated by…and hv no clue to..(
  5. and…she has clicked my fav snap of all times…(

ofcourse…given the crappy me…i have analyzed her a lot…through her snaps…and at times her responses to the hazaar comments to her snaps…! and i must say that i am impressed…(i almost wrote obsessed here!)…more so since she is self taught…

i find her ability to look at life through her lens fascinating. i wonder what goes on in her head when she picks up the camera..and clicks. i wish i cud capture that moment..that brain wave..!

i even wish she wasnt as narcissistic…but then i still wanna play god….even with something so perfect…



  1. apart from her flickr world…she also rests on her main page (
  2. she is currently participating in some shitty shady competition…her profile is here. Somehow i wish she hadnt…but dont pay attention to my wish…just read the title to this entry…and move on..!!