I am a founder. Also the CEO

A multi tasker by nature. A problem solver

Am always in a hurry. Am paranoid about losing. 

If there is something important, then it better start now and finish today. Perhaps tomorrow. 

Because of this I throw myself into virtually all problems out there that need a fix. With an impatience. 

And that’s fucked up. 

I become part of the problem. 

When I take on the onus to solve it, I cannot objectively assess it. Or hold someone accountable for its success. I take that on myself. And see myself defending it – “at least I picked it up. It was lying there for days with no one bothered.”

Doesn’t work

As a founder, especially of a 100+ people startup, you have got to dissociate yourself from the task. And focus on the outcome. 

Don’t become part of the problem