Got a call this morning from ISB that the FT Rankings for 2010 have been released and ISB has moved up the ranks to close at Global Rank 12! Fantastic

The top 15 schools according to the rankings are:

  1. London Business School
  2. Wharton
  3. Harvard
  4. Stanford
  6. Columbia Business School
  7. IE Business School
  8. MIT Sloan
  9. Chicago Booth
  10. HongKong UST
  11. IESE Business School
  12. Indian School of Business
  13. NYU Stern
  14. Dartmouth Tuck
  15. IMD

You can view all the ranking here

And here is an evaluation on the top schools from a placements perspective

Rank ’10
3 yr. rank
School name
Weighted sal. ($)
Employed 3months (%)
Data © 2010 The Financial Times LimitedView the full ranking
11London Business School142,34081 ( 99)
21University of Pennsylvania: Wharton160,84875 ( 96)
34Harvard Business School161,88787 ( 100)
45Stanford University GSB164,86385 ( 96)
55Insead139,94179 ( 95)
64Columbia Business School160,67977 ( 90)
88MIT Sloan School of Management154,05883 ( 93)
910University of Chicago: Booth151,75882 ( 99)
1216Indian School of Business141,29197 ( 99)
1314Dartmouth College: Tuck152,80283 ( 99)

Comparison from a career progression point of view

Rank ’10
3 yr. rank
School name
Aims achieved
Data © 2010 The Financial Times LimitedView the full ranking
11London Business School144
21University of Pennsylvania: Wharton4119
34Harvard Business School3332
45Stanford University GSB47
64Columbia Business School4017
88MIT Sloan School of Management215
910University of Chicago: Booth4814
1216Indian School of Business1346
1314Dartmouth College: Tuck491

And from a value for money perspective

Rank ’10
3 yr. rank
School name
Data © 2010 The Financial Times LimitedView the full ranking
11London Business School50
21University of Pennsylvania: Wharton98
34Harvard Business School93
45Stanford University GSB94
64Columbia Business School88
88MIT Sloan School of Management91
910University of Chicago: Booth90
1216Indian School of Business34
1314Dartmouth College: Tuck86

Its fantastic that in less than 10 years ISB has reached the levels it has. Ofcourse, the ranking do tend to hide a lot of qualitative aspects that ISB might suffer from, but then I am sure other schools also have their own deficiencies! Keeping all these aspects in mind, I love the fact that ISB has done so much in such a short period of time…and needless to say…I AM PROUD TO BE AN ISB’ian!

Top 10 rankings next year! :)