When the market is going bearish, the biggest fear people have is that the past and the present money they have made is going to the ruins in the future.

When we face a relationship turmoil, we fear our trust of the past and the present going to ashes, with a fear of bleak future.

When we are not performing well in a job, we think our past reputation and present actions are of no use, with zero hopes of a stronger career ahead.

Whenever we fear something, we fear not only loss of the future, but also the past and the present.
Thus, the fear is a construct of walking to the future with emptiness.
And that drains us.

A good way to deal with that future would be to have more objective conversations with yourself, if what you are believing is actually true. A lot of the times we are healed through conversations with a therapist, however, if we do not have the right conversations with ourselves, we might have to land to a therapist for the clutter we carry.

Fear is real. So are your conversations of how you deal with it.
Choosing wisely is the distance between who you could be, and who you couldn’t, because of fear.