Falling in love with yourself includes just three things:

  1. You will NOT blame yourself.
    You can point out your mistakes. You can get better. But you will never say to yourself: “You have done it wrong. All the bad stuff has happened because of you! You are a wrong person. You are inadequate. You are a loser! You will never be able to do it. You don’t blame the person you love.
  2. You can live with that person even without talking to that person. The kind of people whom you meet after years, you take off right at the place where you left it. Or you don’t need to talk to them, but not forcing to talk to them. However, we cannot sit with ourselves. We are scared of our own thoughts. We don’t know how to spend time with ourselves!
  3. You don’t judge yourself. That fat kid. That failure. That ugly girl. That inadequate person. The one who is not loved by anyone. Every time you judge yourself, you are damaging the relationship with your own self.

    No one knows you better than you.
    Yet isn’t it strange you wish others to love you yet you are your worst critic?