I was driving with a friend. And were stuck in a jam. In true Delhi style, the car behind didn’t seem to care about the jam. He owned the road and wanted to tell the world. So he kept honking incessantly. 

We were moving at a slow pace. Had we been still I would have stepped out and given him 30 seconds of free counseling. 

As soon as the road cleared, I gave him way. Because I had a point to prove. 

Now he was ahead of me. The power equation had tilted. I was in control now. I started honking incessantly 

My friend, a mute spectator until now, remarked, “there is no difference between him and you now”

He was right!

When trying to prove a point, don’t become them. 

“Now you know how it feels” is almost always the worst way to make someone realize their fault.