In the past 4 months, nearbuy has built merchant tech that has never been built before in India, and I would argue perhaps the world. 

And I have spent the last month on the road showcasing this tech and gathering feedback. Investors, customers, merchants. 

The response is usually that of astonishment and amazement. 

“This is so cool” 

“Is this even possible” 

“When is this launching” 

“Why are you giving it away for free. I will pay for it” 

I also know, this tech is so bold and audacious, it might never work! 

But it’s cool. 

And people get it intuitively. 

In the past 4 months we have also built out a notification tool (called Sonar, which I think is a great name). 

Sonar is intelligent to know what notification to send to whom and when. And smart to know when it shouldn’t.

In less than 2 months, it accounts for 30% of our mobile app business. 

But it’s boring. It’s detailed. It’s unsexy. It’s lines of code and hours of work. It isn’t visual. 

But it works! 

Being cool will always draw the crowds

Being boring will get the work done

You have to be both

At the same time

All the time!