i guess we all knew of this before we came to ISB. however…now that it happens we wish it wasnt true. i am talking of the ‘fly-in-fly-out’ professors who come to ISB. its unfortunate that we dont get to spend as much time as we would want to…simply because these guys are like the best…and perpetually in demand. even though they leave behind a positive mark…i for one would want them to stick on for a little bit more and give them the opportunity to…maybe transform my life…!

and yesterday was one of them. Anjani Jain…our DMO (decision models and optimization..or whatever…) prof left after a brief stint of 2 weeks. and boy..did he rock. there was something magical about him…maybe the way he dressed up…or maybe his immaculate articulation…or maybe his unassuming self…(inspite of what all he is in today’s world). and the last few minutes of his class yesterday went towards understanding (and more importantly appreciating) the importance of morals, ethics and humanity in the world of business.

this leads me to the 1.5 hr discussion that i had with S from the CAS office. both of us were of this opinion that as soon as an individual enters b-school…its as if he looses an integral part of himself. its as if the individual submits part of his character to the sole purpose of getting a job…and with this motive behind him…suddenly everyone whom u smile and talk to…is an enemy. which is sad and unfortuate…and something that cannot be escaped as well. and it is in this world of b-school competition that one’s morals, ethics and respect for individuals makes the difference between a leader and a follower…!

phew…dont remember the last time i blahed so much…i deserve the alumni of the year award from my alma mater now..

life is good…and busy…but good…