At 18 yrs: I went to check the JEE results, with my father, on our scooter. I did not clear it.
At 24 yrs: I dropped out of my PhD program in the US, came back to India, not knowing what to do next.
At 29 yrs: I quit my consulting job to join a startup, and was fired from it after a year. 

This is who I was.
A failure. 

However, more than a decade later, what I have realised is that over time, everything falls into place.

That insecurity of not making money.
That guilt of probably letting your parents down.
That fear of never being happy in your career.

Over time, every failure passes away.

ONLY if you reflect on it.
ONLY if you ask yourself: Why did it happen?
ONLY if you change the way you do things. 

Because we will all fail.
That is inevitable.
But few of us will win in life.

If I could, so can you.
Trust me.
Trust yourself!