“If you are loved only when you are around, then it’s not love. It’s convenience.”

When I recently shared this thought on Twitter, someone responded: “You keep blabbering bakwaas.”

“At 42 that’s a good use of my time. Bade maze aate hai blabbering bakwaas.”

‘You are a very insecure and attention seeking person. You must mature now. That’s my piece of advice to you. Currently you are full of attention seeking and approval seeking small girlish behavior. Advice: take it or leave it.”

“Appreciate your feedback. Thanks for taking the time to share it, when you really didn’t have to. Have a lovely day. And a good week ahead :)”

“And I am sure, this little conversation of ours will change you for good and better. Thank me later!! I am a well wisher who is providing you constructive criticism. :)”

“If you see a difference in me from now on, you know who to thank. The man in the mirror.”

When I was at peace while responding to someone who was apparently triggered in their own life, someone asked me: “Sir how do you deal with triggered people so gracefully without it mentally exhausting you?”

Here’s my take on it:
When you know who you truly are, what people think of you is merely an opinion.
They may be right or wrong in their own world, but when you are aware of your world, everything else is a herd

When you are at peace with who you are, what others think of you doesn’t matter till very far.