I created different content for different audiences, on different platforms.
While the nature and intent of the content is different, what remains the same is what I want to download.

Here is what I stand for, in every content piece I create:

Anyone can make simple things complex. What I stand for, off the content, is simplicity. That’s what I strive for, even in each content piece I create.

I am the same person everywhere – whether you bump into me in a mall or whether you meet me in your office.
The reason I have so much fun creating content is because I do not pretend to be someone else!

One thing I care for, is accessibility with humility. I might not be able to respond to every DM or email I get, but whatever I do respond to, it is human. Not robotic like “apologies”. Who says apologies in reality?
I talk like I talk to real human beings. Because I do talk to real human beings.

Simplicity, authenticity, humility – my three sauces to crack the content game.