What process does

Everyone in our team adheres to a pre-decided process. We stay true to it, come what may.If we don’t, every week, in a team email, the delays and errors are highlighted. And also, the percentage of an individual’s contribution of errors to team’s...

Few things that change your life

Sending cold emails Reading the right books Saying sorry, when you must Loving yourself Making sure to live by your version of happiness. It is the simplest of things that make the biggest of differences.

The relationship with time

Do well what you are supposed to do today. Plan well what you are supposed to do tomorrow. Reflect well on what you did yesterday. And you shall live happily ever after, in your relationship with time.

The less known job of a leader

We all know what a job of a leader is. We read about it often. However, a less-known job of a leader is to make sure they don’t set their team up for failure. Which means, figuring out where the team member is most likely to bloom, and plant them there. It...

Fondest memory of my childhood

One of the fondest memories of my childhood is a fun game my sis and I used to play every night before going to bed. “Aaaa main mar gaya” (“I just died”) In the game, one had to pretend to be dead.The other had to crack jokes to awaken the...