When do you stop to shop?

I have always wondered – how is it that people spend so much time shopping for 1 product? Wandering from shop to shop – bargaining – sampling – trying. Simple answer is likely – they don’t know what they want 20% time spent on the...

An excuse isn’t equal to output

When I can’t deliver on something I create an explanation for it. As if the explanation is equal to the delivery I was meant to make. It’s not! As an entrepreneur my only job in the world is to create an environment as free of excuses as possible. All the...

The most honest place on earth

I feel is the Gym. Everyone’s intentions become undeniably obvious within minutes. Those that perform are the ones unaware that others are looking. Pretty reflective of what life is all about. Isn’t it!

What’s your unpopular belief?

In the book “Zero to One” by Peter Thiel points to a fascinating question he asks during interviews “What’s a strong personal belief that very few people in the world agree with you on?” It’s a brilliant question. One that each one...

How can I help you?

Whenever you step into a conversation with someone – prepare the answer for this question. You don’t want to not know what to ask! It’s not always that you get asked this. Always know what you need To get things done