Jan 03, 2008

Yes, I have decided on a few to-dos for this year…
get some lessons in photography – NOPE
go on atleast 3 photo-expeditions – YES
start seriously thinking about quitting work and starting something on my own – YES
get a car for parents – YES
get working on my house – YES
and yes…blog atleast 100 posts this year – NOOO

not a bad year huh…i guess i have checked a yes to most important things in life…and to be honest…the photography lessons are not really needed now! :)
Yah…blogging would have definitely made it a perfect year…but then you cant get everything…

The year has been awesome…in all sense of the word. Spent a good time in Dubai yet again…have had a brilliant married life so far…and Accentium is exciting like never before…

This blog is being shut down. Somehow I feel the need for an integrated space…and so I am going to start my own site. Looking for the domain right now, but it should be up and running soon…
Photography will continue…and I am loving every bit of it. 2008 saw quite a few excursions and I hope the same continues next year too. 
Am hopeful that this year I will step full-time into Accentium and bid goodbye to ATK. Will surely keep you updated on the same

Take care…and have a great 2009…