I am getting coached in tennis nowadays. Decided it was high time I fulfilled this childhood desire of mine.

Having played table tennis for several years and tennis too for some (while in school), it didn’t take long for me to find a rhythm of rallying.

However, 4 weeks into it and it’s clear how my “technique” is hampering my growth.

What I have gotten used to in all these years, is a way of holding the racquet, hitting the ball, using my body.

And that form served me well, at my intermediate level.

Without the absence of a correction, this form became a habit. A default.

And today when the coach tells me to correct my form – I find it hard.

Years of doing it the wrong way, just because the wrong way was adequate for my level, has now stalled my ability to increase the level.

And now, think of how this translates into life!

Years of staying in a shitty job just because it paid the bills has now stalled your ability to grow.

Years of being abused in a relationship just because it gave you security has now stalled your ability to connect.

Years of ordering people just because it got the work done has now stalled your ability to lead.

Years of living life just because you had to has now stalled your ability to enjoy life!

The sooner you find someone who corrects you, the less mistakes you will make.