Why do we share what’s going on in our lives, with other people?

Good and bad things?

When we know that it’s impossible for someone else to know what we are truly going through?

When we know it’s likely they can’t help?

When we know it’s likely they won’t feel as happy as we are?

Why do we share?

Here is my uneducated guess

It’s because we like people who are like us

And by sharing, we plant a little bit of ourselves in their lives

We “pollute” them with us, our stories, our worldview, our culture.

Force them to think like we do.

Sharing is our way of colonizing our world!

And if it, should we, instead of sharing, go back to listening?

What do you think about how I am dealing with this?

How would you have reacted in this situation?

What would you do?

Sharing your feelings is you trying to win a war. Listening is you trying to win a mind.