A good project coming your way. But you’re not too excited.
You have an important task. But you don’t want to sound rude to a friend calling to play video games.
You want to study further.

However, you might just avoid it because your parents want you to get a job and settle.

In all these cases, the easy choice is to say yes to how things are and let them just be. A more difficult choice is to stand by what you want to stand for. And say no to everything else.

We say yes more often than no because we humans are hardwired to be wanting to be accepted. Thousands of years ago we moved in groups in the savannah, because of fear of being prey to the wild animals. 

The savannah lifestyle is long gone. What is still left behind is fear. Fear of being out of the group. Fear of being rejected. Fear of being called a rebel. 

Thus, we never face these fears and end up living a “fearless” life, which ends up as not living a life.

To be truly fearless is to face your inner fears of rejection, say no politely more often and see how fearless life actually becomes when you say yes to yourself.