A stranger writes in to you

“Hey, i just read your blog. I don’t agree with it. You came across as full of yourself!”

For most people their first reaction in their head will be “fuck off. He doesn’t even know me to say what he said. Ignore” 

Some might respond – explaining. 

Some might confront. Some might abuse. 

Picture another scenario 

A stranger writes in to you 

“Hey – I just read your blog. It’s awesome. I am so inspired” 

Most of us will pat ourselves on our back. Feel great. Self worth will increase. 

Some will reply with a generous thank you. Some will go awwww

Now enact the same thing with a really close friend of yours 

Your friends honest critical view of yourself will hurt you more than a stranger’s would 

And his authentic praised for you will most likely be dismissed. Heard but not valued. 

Ironic, isn’t it? 

We dismiss genuine appreciation from a known quarter. And genuine feedback from a stranger. 

It fits into our worldview that this truth isn’t as valuable. 

When that’s precisely the truth that one should listen to and reflect upon. 

Criticism from strangers and appreciation from loved ones is the only mirror ever produced.