Nescafé has a beautiful new ad featuring a stand up comedian with a stutter (no – it’s not real, it’s acted out).

While there can be a post on how brands are becoming bold with their approach, the ad struck a different chord

Here is a comedian who is selling his stutter as a hook. His promise is “I am a comedian. But a lot others are. I am a comedian with a stutter. That’s me”

Tomorrow if he works on his stutter and overcomes it – will he be breaking his promise?

Adnan Sami didn’t promise to be the fattest guy playing a piano. He promised to be the fastest guy.
And that worked out just fine when he overcame his obesity.

Everyday we make promises.
To be the nicest manager.
To be the most aggressive salesperson.
To work long hours.
To always be there no matter what.
To work out from now on.
To eat right.

Will we always be able to deliver on the promise. Are we promising on our strengths or our weaknesses?