I ran yesterday – for the first time in 8 months. It hurt, quite a bit. The leg is clearly weak and reminds you that natural healing doesn’t happen overnight.

However, I didn’t tell anyone that it hurt. Because of which even I forgot about it after a couple of hours. And the day went just fine. As if I had never run!

And that’s been the biggest lesson for me – in the past 8 months. I don’t know if the surgery was a major one or not. I don’t know how many people go through this AVN jazz. In my head, it was something that had happened to me and I had to get it sorted. Just like any other challenge that comes your way.

I didn’t amplify it. I didn’t talk about it a lot. And suddenly, even if it was supposed to be a big deal, it wasn’t! People took it normally. Most forgot about it. Most didn’t even realize that something that happened.

It was as if I altered the truth, through my perception. I changed how the world (and I) would react to a situation – by changing it in my head. And it worked!

No one offers their sympathies. No one says, “sorry to hear about the surgery”. Which they would have perhaps, had I made it a big deal in my head. Had I perceived the situation to be worthy of sympathy in my head.

I have always been impressed by the power of the human mind. This entire experience just reaffirms that belief.

I ran today too. It didn’t hurt one bit!