Was reading a twitter thread on how one of the most underrated category of videos on TicTok are of couples getting divorced or breaking up!

The videos are unbelievable.

Not unbelievable because they are overly dramatic.

Unbelievable because several people out there think it’s absolutely ok to post a video of you taking your wedding ring off and throwing it at the camera, shaking your head in disgust.

I never imagined someone would do that.

But now I do.

And what wasn’t normal until now, is normal again!

This is what the world today is all about.

On a daily basis – we are consuming content that is making the once abnormal thing, normal.

On a daily basis, we are exposed to situations that defy our worldview. Planting a seed subconsciously of a new world order.

What happens though is something very interesting.

Our reactions to what was previously not normal but now is – also needs to change. If we react the same way to a unique situation twice, it’s considered a non reaction.

Becoming immune to these “normal” situations isn’t allowed.

Catching attention requires upping your levels.


Terrorists now have to strike bigger and in more unexpected way, to cause outrage.

The outrage has to be expressed more blatantly and openly, to cause reaction.

Reaction has to be more dramatic and more brutal, to offer solace.

And solace needs to be expressed publicly and to everyone, than to be consumed within.

Nothing is normal anymore. And hence our reactions are surprising our own selves!