The most visited page on the blog is my 6pack abs story.

And the most asked question is “which protein shake did you use?”

The answer is there in the blog.


Welcome to the lazy web.

We read something. And we have questions.

And we ask those questions.

Without checking, if those questions have been asked already or not?

There is a high chance they have been asked already.

Yet, we will assume our question to be so important that we expect the writer to answer.

But the writer has got multiple of such questions. Several of them asking the same thing.

The writer has shared the answer already. And is now not likely to answer to your specific question.

Because the question has been answered. Does it really matter if it wasn’t “your” question that was answered?

That is how life behaves.

Most questions have already been asked.

And most answered have already been answered.

They are part of books, part of legends, part of history, part of someone’s experience.

They are part of the blog post called life.

And yet, we will keep asking the same questions.

Waiting for an answer.

Life is not a customer service helpline.

It’s an encyclopedia.

The hard work has to be done by us.