Is perhaps that of a parent to lose their young child. As a father of 2, I shudder to imagine how that night even feel.

While so many amongst us have gone through this feeling.

And while shattered, destroyed and devastated – they turned the tragedy into a reason for change.

My family experienced this 7 years back. A young lad killed in a road accident. Leaving behind doting parents and a sister.

To “celebrate” his first birthday after he was gone – the parents held a blood donation camp.

I recall going there – feeling awkward about what to possibly say on such an occasion.

But instead say smiles on their faces. Their son will never come back, but hundreds might come back because of their deeds.

To this day, the tradition continues. And I have done by bit to donate every quarter – with the 3rd quarter of the year reserved for Yousman.

While the void will never ever fill, their pain has given way to change.

I wish all our pains also give way to change.