1. Struggle together:

You build the deepest bond with those who you share your struggle with. So, I would want to have a partner where my struggles are shared with her, and hers are shared with me. NOT to fix them. To give company. To offer solace during hard times. To go through a struggle and see how both emerge stronger from that experience.

Ruchi and I have struggled together through financial crises, through personal crises, and every such occasion has only got us closer.

  1. Learn together:

Learning together is fun. It is new, it is hard, but it is enjoyable if it resonates with both. So, I’d pick something that is liked by both and then enjoy the journey together.

Ruchi and I trained for tennis together for 2 years and it was awesome.

We work out every day at the gym, and while our times do not overlap, we do exchange notes that convert it into a learning process.

  1. Fart and laugh:

I am being serious here. If you are okay farting in front of your partner, not asking “Who did it, who did it?” and instead laughing about it – that’s when you know you are with someone who you can totally be yourself with. Isn’t that precious?

Ruchi and I have that. We actually judge other couples who can’t do this, lol.