In 1983, a talented young guitarist was kicked out of his band. With apparently no warning.
Handed over a bus ticket and told to go back home, 2 days before the band’s first recording

On the journey back home, the guitarist, just as all of us, started speaking to himself
“Was this really happening?”
“To him?”

Apparently, the self-talk helped. By the time he reached his destination, he vowed to form a new band.
And do everything within his right, to be better than the band that had just fired him
Go on to break more records than them
Go on to make better music than them
Go on to earn more fame and money than them

The guitarist’s name was Dave Mustaine

The band he formed, went on to sell over 30Mn copies worldwide, making it one of the best selling bands of all times

Pretty impressive, huh?
Sweet revenge, one would say


The band that fired him, went on to sell over 130Mn copies worldwide
The band that fired him was Metallica

Was Dave Mustaine a success or a failure?

In a rare 2003 interview, Dave wept at the firing incident, STILL regretting the moment he was fired. Clearly feeling betrayed. He still carried the baggage.

Was Dave Mustaine a success or a failure?

As much as you dont want the world to define your success or failure, are you doing a good job of defining it yourself?