It takes me 40 mins to reach work everyday

Anytime of the day

The road is a smooth ride – traffic but not enough to stall.

A 30km stretch with no red lights.

But every now and then, someone with a sense of urgency will go berserk

Change lanes




Jeopardize not just their safety but that of others too

And invariably, at the end of the 30kms I have rarely found them to be ahead of me by more than a minute. Two at best!

Makes me wonder – what is it really worth it?

Risking yourself to gain a minute or two?

That’s life

When you start changing lanes, accelerating, braking, honking – you lose the perspective – what am I eventually going to get out of this?

All you focus on – is that I am doing this now and this is my present

The hare and tortoise wasn’t just a fictional life lesson

It’s an everyday affair