Scared about how ChatGPT will replace your job?
Or how technology is eventually going to make you irrelevant?
Or how fast the world is moving and you feel overwhelmed? 

There are 2 choices you have:
1. Continue to feel scared.
2. Embrace the change.

If you chose #2 above, here are 3 small steps to take towards doing so:

  1. Pick up online courses related to the technology you are interested in.
    The Internet allows everyone to be a student and learn from the best teachers available. Do that.
  2. Join an online community around it.
    Facebook groups, Reddit forums, WhatsApp groups, Discord servers – get yourself immersed in the technology you want to master and hang around people who live it and love it.
  3. Pick up projects/internships utilising the technology.
    Do it for free, if needed.
    Just learn. Get challenged. Seek feedback.
    There is no better way to learn.

When you make technology your friend, you prevent it from becoming your competitor.