Every brand, personal or company, that establishes rapport with consumers online, is a winner. Almost everyone has a great product, how they establish communication with their audience decides almost everything. 

That said, here are some nitty-gritties into content creation:

If we are seeking a reason to do something, perhaps we shouldn’t!

Through videos, posts, tweets – on LinkedIn (high organic reach), Twitter (improves our writing and presentation skills) and Instagram (because of high audience there)

Sharing our journey, sharing what we know (skills – fitness, vlogging, comedy, music, etc.), sharing what we are learning. In other words, being authentic instead of being preachy.

Understanding our audience:
Spending time with them by responding to DM’s, getting them engaged in content by CTAs.
Content creation is not a one-way street. If the audience loves it, they will give our feedback. If they don’t, we will still get to know. That helps us build upon it.

Does the audience change?
“Digital customers require novelty because they are not marrying you rather dating you.” – Kunal Bahl

What if we run out of content?
Content is nothing but our life experiences turned into stories. As long as we are alive and observant, every action, every failure, every success, every day’s lessons could be translated into a content piece. Which essentially means, we won’t ever run out of content.

Whom should we follow?
People whose content makes sense to us, whose content we could repurpose, on whose content we could create content on. There is so much content out there, if we start making content on that, we would never run out of content.

Will it take time?
All good things do. In a world of instant gratification, more time something takes, more relevance does it hold. At least two years. That is the reason a lot of people don’t create content – because it requires patience, and it requires thick skin to not think of what others might think! (Bonus point: They aren’t thinking of you anyway, they are thinking of what you are thinking of them!)

Some technicalities:
Today’s phones have great video quality, a great one for start
If not daily, consistently at the same time is important
Language should be audience specific – India – Hinglish; outside India – English

Is it possible to get clients through creating content?
If we create content not with the intent of getting clients rather than sharing all that we know, giving without any intention of receiving, inbound leads will eventually come. A giver, is always given.

Tips for never giving up?
1. Making the algorithm your friend – even if you don’t post daily, post at a time that the algorithm knows it will be fed your content.
2. Being yourself – because everyone else is taken
3. Enjoying the journey instead of waiting for the reward – It is during the “during”, that our entire life is lived!

Sooner than we know, content creation will be an industry bigger than even e-commerce.

The journey is going to be demanding, if we think of content creation as just another task to tick off.
The journey is going to be fulfilling, no matter how much painful, if we think of content creation as sharing our life experiences, being able to look back at it 2, 5, 10 years from now and see how far we have come; and most importantly, what a learning curve of this wonderful thing called life, we have built for ourselves.