I grew up dreaming of becoming an astrophysicist. That dream consumed me. I loved everything about the universe and the physics of it.
And then, over a year – while I was in my PhD program (and top of my class, with a 100% scholarship) I realized this wasn’t something I will be good at – something I wouldn’t enjoy!

This was almost 10 years of preparation I am talking about. Faced with the realization that it wasn’t to be!

I left all that – to come back to India – in search of what next to do. With no idea at all of what that would be.

It wasn’t easy – but was the right thing to do. I didn’t know of any other way at that time.
The past 10 years didn’t matter anymore.

“But I have already spent so much time on this. How can I leave it all together?”

The most dangerous statement in the world, I would argue.

It ignores signals, it ignores trends, it ignores advise and it ignores the truth most often.

Time, in my opinion, is the biggest sunk cost of all. It doesn’t matter what you have been doing. It doesn’t matter how much of time has gone into it.

The day you realize you have to change – that’s it – you have to change.

Your past can never determine your future. It definitely cannot dictate how your future has to be!
The past has no salvage value
The future is for you to salvage