The past 2 weeks have been unusually busy. Preparing for Q4, some key initiatives.

And speaking to a stream of entrepreneurs that came my way. 6 of them, to be precise.

All but 1 failed the Tomorrow Test.

Somewhere in the past 6 years, it become clear to me that any new idea has to answer a critical question.
“Is the problem you are trying to solve – likely to be a bigger problem or a lesser problem tomorrow”

This single question ideally should define whether this idea is even worth your time. And if it is – what does it do to your product, your market and your business model.

Hidden between the lines of this stunning question – is the part where most people stumble. Articulating the problem one wishes to solve. Surprisingly – or maybe not – that’s the hardest part. And the first step for you to answer the part about the future.

So you are out to build a service that accurately determines people’s residence address. Awesome!
Do you expect maps to get better at solving this problem or worse off?

So you are building a portal for students that wants deals less than Rs100. Awesome!
Do you expect the share of such students reducing (and the rest going for “better deals”) or increasing?

So you wish to build an app that syncs with your car and provides all information you need. Awesome!
Are cars more likely or less likely to have this information inbuilt, tomorrow?

Bet on tomorrow. Take the test today!