Here is something that bothers me.

The world is increasingly indulging in glorification of entrepreneurship.

Everyday, you hear of fundraising announcements. Founders becoming millionaires and billionaires. Sponsoring tournaments, signing up celebrities, giving crazy discounts, running TV ads.

And an entire generation is being raised with the belief that starting up is the cool thing to do.

I don’t have a problem with that.

I have a problem when the belief becomes that starting up is the ONLY thing smart people do.
To the extent that those in jobs are ridiculed for being unambitious, or for not taking control of their life, or being such losers.

No! You are NOT a loser if you are in a job.

There is nothing wrong with having a job.
As long as you are happy with it. And find meaning in it.
What matters is what you want.

You want the stability and structure of a job – go for it!
You want the rush and excitement of a startup – go for it!
You want a life where you do not want to work – go for it!

Your race is not with the world.
It is not with the one who looks cooler, happier, or is more famous.

Your race is within.
It is with your own self.
The race is who you were yesterday.
And if you win that race everyday, if you are better than who you were yesterday, you are truly at peace!
If you are not winning this race, or worse not even participating in this race with yourself, you will CONSTANTLY fail by falling for what the world thinks you should be doing.