Got asked this simple yet powerful question:

“Why is it wrong to want to live a comfortable and secure life? Why does the world always project taking risks and constantly challenging yourself as the noble thing to do?”

There is no noble way to live life. No right/wrong. 

However…here is what is wrong. 

To make comfortable/secure choices but desire the outcomes that come from challenging yourself, by risking it. 

If you invested in FDs but desire the returns of stocks – that’s wrong. 

If you sit for placements, but desire the returns of a successful startup – that’s wrong. 

If you had kids, but desire the freedom of a childless couple – that’s wrong. 

If you just did what you were told to, but desire the growth of your colleague who took initiative – that’s wrong. 

If you played it safe, but desire the outcomes of risk – that’s wrong. 

“In the pursuit of comfort, don’t desire the rewards of risk. Embrace your choices, for in them lies the essence of your journey.”