We often make this mistake in our professional lives.
We take feedback personally.
We assume it to be an attack. 

But it could mean something very different. 

Whenever your manager tries to show you a way to do things, there is a voice in your head that suggests “oh, my manager thinks I am dumb or stupid and that is why they have to tell me precisely what to do.”

They might simply be showing how things work, or how they could work better, should you consider it the way they are proposing. 

But if you were to think of it as a personal attack, then your instant reaction will be to reject, to defend, to argue, to counter, to resist.
And that could make all the difference between you growing, or you stagnating. 

Try this instead.
The next time your manager tells you exactly what to do, as if spoon feeding you, do not assume they are talking to you. Assume they are teaching a course, and you happen to be a student.
The course was not designed for you. It was designed for your role.
You just happen to be in that role.
This change in perspective will offer you a path to not take the feedback personally. 

How you end up doing your work, is your choice.
How you respond when shown a better way of doing your work, is your character.