“What are you most worried about?”
“That I will keep repeating my patterns and won’t put in the work required!”

AW: “And what can you do to break that pattern?”
“Study and not overthink.”

AW: “And do you think you can do that?”
“I’ve been trying for one year and got no real progress…”

You see what happened there?

When the person said, “I am going to study and not overthink,” it did not cost any effort.
And it gave them a sense of hope.

However, that was false.

Because they had been doing it already for a year and nothing had worked.
So why would it, now?

The solution?

Don’t set resolutions, goals, or targets.

Take the smallest step possible – to set habits.
Once something becomes a habit, we dispense the least amount of energy to do the task.

Habits hire us and take us higher.
Targets tame us and often leave us clueless, in the absence of habits.