Nani does yesterday. She was 93. And very pretty. I have fond memories from childhood with her – as the force that kept the entire family together. She suffered a lot in the past month and I am happy she went away peacefully in her sleep.

It was the first time I touched a dead body. It’s the strangest feeling ever. Half expecting “it” to wake up and start talking – you look at the same face that you have for so long. And wonder how it can be so lifeless. The cremation is the toughest part for me, always. The last time – THE LAST TIME – you will see that body ever again. A very hard moment to deal with.

Girl died this morning. Every morning since the day she was raped, I felt this anger reading the news. Wondering what can be done to not let this happen in the future. The answer is not obvious in my head.

I am sure they will meet each other, up there! I am sure they will like each others company.

Beyond the door there’s peace I’m sure
And I know there’ll be no more tears in heaven