The last few days have been busy with a lot of things…and marked with a lot of learning.

U, S and I got shortlisted for the research paper that we were working for. We had to go down to Mumbai for the competition, which was being held at the Taj lands End. Awesome hotel with the most breathtaking view of Mumbai. The event was wonderfully organized as well…and we had one of India’s top brains presenting their content. We did manage to do good for ourselves in the end…and it was a pretty amazing experience.

Wonderfully, had a chance to meet R as well. she too had come down for a business conference and was flying down to Delhi Friday evening. So hung out at the airport itself…was heaven meeting her after so long.

Met A as well…and had a beautiful time. Dressed in business suit…doing the rounds of the Ghatkopar café coffee day…she went… “The girls of ghatkopar wont let me live now…!!!”

In Mumbai…E kept me abreast with the music competition that was being held back at ISB between the sections. G won’t the best vocals…which was awesome news. Sadly section C didn’t win the best team award…and given that I had attended the practice the last night…it did come as a surprise to me.

Anyhow…came back to Hyd Saturday afternoon…and had a chance to see the video of the competition. It was…humbling…! All the performers were brilliant. I didn’t know that R was such an awesome mridang player. His performance left me with tears…I mean literally. Here is this dude…one of the ‘purest’ guys on campus…and it took one fine evening to discover that he holds so much within him. God has given him the most spectacular medium of expressing himself…and I am just lucky to have been a witness. Hats off dude…

G was brilliant too…evidently so, since she managed the top award. Her rendition of ‘My Immortal’ did complete justice to the song…and to my likeliness for the same. However, the surprise of the night was E. She was gorgeous on stage…I didn’t even have the slightest inkling that she was that close to being a singer. I guess her eccentricity shades a lot of things that she is capable of…keep it up lady…!

Today…we had the last of our section days. I cant even begin to express the beauty of my time with section C. have got so much of love from them…so much of respect…more than I ever deserved. And I have got to learn so much from them too. Each one of whom I interacted with…left me with a respect for them. Everyone is such an achiever in their own right…I just feel oh so lucky to be part of this group. And I shall surely miss the comfort of their company.

There is so much to learn in this world…I wonder if I have even started…!

I am gonna miss a lot of my 6 months…