Setting goals and targets can be quite tricky.
If we hit them, we feel great about them. But what if we could have hit a bigger goal?
If we don’t hit them, we feel bad about ourselves. But what if we weren’t prepared to hit them in the first place itself?

That’s why, in my team wariCrew (tag), we have ZERO targets.
None at all.

How do we get things done, then?

Here’s how:
1. We build a process for what we do. And we do that clinically.
2. Every week, we analyse how well the process is serving us. Through data.
3. Based on those numbers, we figure what is working, and what isn’t. We do more of what’s working. Do less of what isn’t. Rinse and repeat. 

3 years of this process and we have achieved goals that we could not set out for ourselves!
From virtually nothing at the start of 2020, we are a 7Mn+ follower brand on social media! 

All of this happened, because we signed up for the process. 

Set habits. Not goals!