Most people in their 20s are scared that they are already old.

It was true for me as well.
At 24, I felt I was 40.

Funny enough, I am 42 now, and don’t feel a day older than, say, 28!

Now that I reflect upon this reversal of sorts, I realize that it is virtually impossible to not feel old when you are young.

And the world certainly doesn’t help.
“Finish your education.”
“Get a job!”
“Get married!”
“Have kids!”
“Buy that house, that car!”

If god forbid, we are confused, or not interested in what we are doing in life, or feel disillusioned by where we are headed, we are made to believe that our life is over!

Here is the truth:

You may not have a choice to feel old, when you are young.
But you do have a choice to feel young, when you are old.

And that will only happen, if you constantly keep challenging your core beliefs.

I believed that going to the US was the only way to get a grand life.
I believed that if I made a promise to my parents, then going back on that promise was betrayal.
I believed that I would be happy if the world liked me.

Today I know, these beliefs were limiting.

These beliefs were the way I lived my life, but when I dropped out of my education, I challenged all of them. 

Only when you change the beliefs that limit you in your life, will you form new ones that give you hope, joy and contentment.

Ask yourself, “What are my core beliefs that tend to limit me and not set me free?”

You are NOT already old.
You have a wonderful life ahead.
And it is just getting started :)

Give yourself the space to try.