Whenever we make a big decision in life, we only look at the rewards it would bring. 

However, there is a big element most people miss out on: 

The risk associated with that reward.

I would want the higher salary this job brings, but am I willing to add two hours of daily commute to my life?
I would want to have that extra beer or slice of pizza because it makes me happy right now, but am I willing to risk my long term health for it?
I would love to invest in this get-rich-quick scheme, but will I be okay if I lose all my money? 

Every reward in life comes with an associated risk. 

I would never ignore the risk, for a higher reward. 

I did something similar in late 2019, when I decided to be a full-time public speaker, after stepping down as the CEO of nearbuy.

The new income source had rewards – of following my passion, sharing my knowledge, choosing when to work and when to take an off.
However, it came with associated risks of saying no to a monthly salary while having a home loan. 

It was only when I was okay (physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially) with the risk that came with that reward, that I went ahead with that decision. 

Smart people do not eliminate risks.
They manage risks!