Met a smart candidate yesterday for a senior role

Towards the end the usual question popped up – what is the larger goal of

Not directly asked, but hidden in that question was the more basic one – what’s the potential of this deals and discounts industry?

I shared my views. Views that I can share even in my sleep now :)

At the end of it – he was clearly shocked. Surprised. Pleasantly.

I wasn’t talking about deals and discounts. I was talking about how a basic human trait is the foundation for the company’s vision. And how everything starts from there and revolves around that belief.

An outcome of this belief is a crazy imagination of the future.

And I believe that any definition of the future sounds ridiculous when one hears it.

Which is why, to quote Jeff Bezos, People will misunderstand what we mean to do, and we have got to be ok with that.

My view of my future sounds ridiculous and I am willing to be misunderstood until it unfolds.