Thought experiment 

You lose your memory. But science has advanced. The reconstruction device can selectively gather your memory from someone else and upload it to yours. But it can only do so for 5 people.

5 people

Their memories about you

Uploaded onto your brain

To reconstruct yourself

Who will those 5 people be?

What is it that they know about you that’s so precious? 

How did they come to know of it all? 

How often do you go back into those memories yourself? 

Why are those memories important? 

Why are you spending time gathering others? 

Will this process be able to reconstruct a better you, than you today? 

A happier you? 


Isn’t it surprisingly how the sum of these 5 parts seems better than the whole?

Isn’t it strange that despite this fact we still end up creating a different whole.

A lesser whole.

When we start thinking of people not as a judge rather as a mirror, is when we reconstruct our best self.