Data, massive amounts, hits us everyday as we live our lives. Most of which we ignore. Some of which we process. And some of which we never expected. 

Over the years, this data makes us smarter. We know how to respond to data that we have seen before. And “unexpected” data occurs much lesser,  though still does. 

The world calls this data gathering process as experience. 

I call it passive learning! 

No one starts their day telling themselves “today I am going to learn how to fire someone” or “today I am going to know how to react to predatory pricing by my competition” or “today I am going to learn how to handle losing your cofounder”. 

It seems that our experience is not a process rather a matter of chance. 

What if it wasn’t? 

What if we sought out experiences, either by listening to others, or by forcing ourselves in situation where we experienced them ourselves. 

What if we became active learners, even if the experience is secondary. 

“For sure” Secondary experiences > “Maybe” Primary experiences