Something I read several years ago has always stated with me
I have never regretted firing someone. I have only regretted how late I did it.

And so the question stems – how long before you fire someone.

I would start at the selection itself.

Groupon has this test we give every candidate before the interview. It’s a simple test comprising questions on general awareness,  quantitative ability, verbal reasons and psychometric profiling.

Here is the deal. We have made every existing grouponer take that test. And now have average scores for each function.

So every new hire needs to be above the average score of the function they are being interviewed for.

There have been 5 instances where we made a hire despite the scores being lower. Each of those exited the system within 3-6 months. I regret making the call to hire them.

And then I would take a call after their first month.

It’s the most important month. At the end of 30 days I send a note to everyone, checking how the month went. Are they having fun. Are they enjoying their work. Are their managers and team members treating them well.

91% of those that didn’t reply to these emails left us or were asked to leave, within 3 months of their joining.

Sometimes, all you need to take a decision is just a signal.