This is one of the biggest lies being sold to us nowadays!

In the world of Shark Tank, massive funding and billion dollar outcomes, it is easy for people to think that the only definition of success for someone young is to start up.

Why would you want to work 9-5 at a desk job, for a salary, when you can be free building things, is what they ask. 

And I say to them – a job early on in your career offers something immensely valuable. 

1/ Financial stability
2/ An appreciation for planning, for process, for system
3/ Experience of working with teams, to make something happen

This is what a lot of people want, desire and deserve. 

I know of FAR MORE PEOPLE who have been immensely successful professionally and financially, than I know those who started up. 

You decide what you want.
And you go chase that.
Cherish that.
Grow that. 

You do you.
And that is your success.