there was a time…no so long ago…when i used to treat the ‘Reader’s Digest’ as a must read. this was much before i started reading the same for its jokes..only…! anyways…so this one time…there was a wonderful article on this dude who, when he was 18, made a list of 30 things he would wanna do before he turned 30. its almost a cliche now…but at that time the idea sounded quite cool. and this dude actually went on to accomplish each and everything on that list…and the article was all about how he managed to do so. just so you know…the things listed there were not exactly…”brush everyday”…but “travel on a bike for more than 3000 miles” sorts..!!!

and then…after a deulge of such posts by EU and SB….here is my version of the things i have done…would want to do…and would never want to do…(and this would be extremely India specific…somewhat inspired from EU’s entry…and in no specific order)


  • Have done
  • Want to do
  • Dont want to do
  1. thrown garbage on the road…paused….picked it up and dropped it in the thrash
  2. had golgappas from the same guy who pulled out his snort a minute back
  3. ran after a bus and caught it finally
  4. slapped an auto guy cause he refused to go where you wanted to
  5. saved a lady from being harassed/molested
  6. watched an entire episode of krishi darshan
  7. been on a bus…with just one foot on it
  8. driven without a license
  9. driven at more than 120 kmph
  10. drove away when a traffic cop tried to stop you
  11. asked a cop “jaante ho main kiska/kiski beta/beti hoon…?”
  12. for guys alone – scratched your (you know what) thinking that no one saw
  13. scribbled on a protected monument
  14. cheated in a school examination
  15. been on “palace on wheels
  16. been to atleast 3 sanctuaries in India
  17. sang something special…for someone special…
  18. stayed up all night and saw the sunrise
  19. met anyone from the indian cricket team
  20. pee-ed on the road
  21. milked a cow
  22. ate sugarcane…the traditional way
  23. stayed in a village without electricity for more than 2 nights
  24. shopped for vegetables atleast 100 days in a year
  25. paid a begger more than rs 100
  26. had a househelper who was less than 15 years of age
  27. been to a temple, a church, a gurudwara AND a mosque
  28. stopped at the red light when no one else was…
  29. requested for a song on the radio
  30. called the KBC phoneline atleast once
  31. waited in a queque for more than 2 hours
  32. bribed your way through to get a government document
  33. tipped your barber
  34. driven a bike in 5 degree centrigrade…with your tee and shorts on
  35. been to atleast 3 beaches in 3 separate states
  36. been to the North-east
  37. travelled to the lakshwadeep islands
  38. hiked to the mansarovar lake
  39. studied beyond the age of 23
  40. started your own business
  41. driven an ambassador
  42. looked at the night sky through a telescope
  43. slept under the stars
  44. kissed your gf/bf right infront of your parents
  45. gone dutch on your 1st date
  46. washed someone else’s puke
  47. cried in public
  48. visited the taj mahal
  49. seen a live cobra
  50. had dinner with your domestic help…on the same table
  51. worked on a 386 computer
  52. tied/worn rakhi to/from a total stranger
  53. danced naked in your room
  54. cried infront of your parents, after the age of 18
  55. touched your parent’s feet

life has been slightly hard lately…more cause of personal reasons. lekin theek hai…it moves on…!!!


PS: and yah…feel free to add stuff to the above…which highlights true india.